Container Prefabricated House

The Container Prefabricated House is a factory-made temporary house, and it will be transported into construction site, and assembled into a complete building by skilled installers for use.
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The Container Prefabricated House is a factory-made temporary house, and it will be transported into construction site, and assembled into a complete building by skilled installers for use. This container house has strong and stable structure, which is made of  galvanized steel. This material has good strength and good resistance to corrosion. And the wall is made of EPS sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich  panel, which have excellent  keep-warming effect and superior sound insulating effect. It is easy to transport and simple to install, can create a safe and comfortable for users in a short time.


Our role as a leading manufacturer of container houses requires us to buy large quantities of quality building materials to achieve economies of scale, thereby reducing the prices we offer you. All the materials we use are high-quality and recyclable. This Container Prefabricated House is well-equipped and multifunction. It provides offices, dormitories, houses, toilets, shops and so on. This product is widely used in construction sites, schools, hospitals, tourist attractions and so on. 

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