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Every working and construction site could set this type of 3 meter* 6 meter size mobile office container.
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Container office

Advantage- save time and money

Is it familiar that when you want to build an office building, the idea always was collapsed when you think of the high expense and kinds of difficulties you may meet?

Well, container house may help to come true your idea.

Cooperate With Khome team, you will receive a more secure, high-quality, and portable container office to start your issues quickly without any problems.


The container office may be integrated and could be designed as a two-story building within:

1. Meeting room

2. Staff office

3. Executive office

4. Reception room

5. Kitchen

6. Rest room

7. Bathroom



Portable Site Office 4

Our clients will enjoy the lowest prices, fast delivery, wide-ranging adaptability, and unsurpassed professionalism.

Modular container Frame/Construction


Project Show:


Factory Show





After-sale service

1. Provide a detailed packing list by marking the number of products before they leave the factory, making every component of our products traceable.

2. we could provide both installation manual and video in full. If there is a need, our engineers could also be sent to your construction site.

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