Container Living Quarters Homes

Container Living Quarters Homes

K-Home standard quick-box room usually refers to a container house with one door and two windows.
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The standard fast-assembling box houses mainly steel and sandwich panels, and some other components such as flooring are modularized and designed to be assembled on site to become a window-and-door house. There is no need for tools such as cranes or forklifts when installing a container house on site. It is simple and convenient to install bolts by simple tools.

Product layout:

container dormitory (2)

Once the house is installed, you can stay in it directly without having to decorate it. If there is a personal need, you can also install decorative panels inside and outside the house. After installation, the appearance is basically the same as that of traditional houses.

container dormitory (1)

Assembled rooms of this kind are commonly used in construction sites as workers' quarters, and others are used as rental houses, which are durable and easy to set up.

container dormitory (5)

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