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K-home is very professional on container house designing and manufacturing. So the Container House Price of K-home is very competitive. The price of each standard unit is: USD2100.
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Is there a cheap, green, time-saving and labor-saving construction? Is there a building living space that is both safe, comfortable and creative?

Container house gives people the answer. K-home is very professional on container house designing and manufacturing. So the price of K-home Container House is very competitive. It is only USD 2100 for each standard unit .


It adopts the 3mx6mx2.8m (WxLxH) container unit as the basic module. It is manufactured in the factory by the assembly line to complete the structural production and interior decoration of each module, and then transported to the project site, and quickly combined into different styles according to different purposes and functions. Construction (container hotels, container houses, container schools, container dormitories, container plants, container warehouses, container office, etc.). Compared with traditional construction methods, container houses are more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient, and the container house price is much lower.

Container house retains the concept of container shape, integrates the functions of overall movement and lifting, and completes the mass production of single-person module flow in the factory. It only needs to be assembled and spliced at the construction site to shorten the construction time of the house by more than 60%. And it replaces manual production with mechanized production, which can save manpower costs by at least 70%, and guarantees on-site management, material storage and construction safety, and integrates the development of circular economy into its own strategic business. There are containers for the basic module to modify the house, making full use of the existing resources, using the container steel column and the side wall itself is the characteristic of the building's stressed steel structure, the free combination of the modular modular unit forms the basic structure of the building, during the construction process.  It can save a lot of steel and concrete and achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

container house price


Our design relies on advanced equipment, outstanding expertise and constantly improved technical capabilities for container house building. We have ready design KH series for you to choose, specifically divided into 5 categories: family living series, labor dormitory series, management dormitory series, and bathroom. We can discuss with you based on our design, then make the proper design for yours project. We are looking forward to establishing long-term associations with you. Your comments and solutions are appreciated remarkably.







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