Prefabricated Container Family House

In the past, container apartments were mainly rented to workers for work on the construction site. However, some people use them to live by themselves. Container apartments can be moved to various places at any time to bring us convenient and comfortable life.
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In addition, container apartments can be powered by solar photovoltaic panels, which can be heated and supplied with water, as well as indoor showers and domestic water. And the sewage discharge from the container apartment is purified by the sewage treatment system.

The container movable room has a good sealing performance, because the manufacturing process is very strict, so the water tightness is good. Container apartments are made of steel, so the combination space is very convenient, like conference rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. can be easily combined. The container movable room is easy to disassemble and install, and its stability and shock resistance are good. The container mobile home is doing a good job in waterproofing, fireproofing and anti-corrosion, and the container mobile home is light in weight and well decorated. Container mobile homes can be used for 20 years without the destruction of external forces.

Prefabricated Container Family House1

Prefabricated Container Family House

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