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Khome have exported the container homes all over the world and have more than 10 years’ experience in this field. This container home has beautiful appearance and long service life.
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modular building

Through the combination of the standard size of container houses, the interior space of the room is reconstructed and the exterior color changes, breaking the original size of the original mobile home, making the modular house are the same as the ordinary house. There are small living room, kitchen room, bathroom, stairs, etc. The exquisite design of the home decoration will separate the limited space in the movable house and separate many independent spaces.

The container home is very low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which does not need brick and cement, and can be easily demounted and relocated, with a secondary utilization rate of 90%.

The modular home uses the ground screw technology to be located. The foundation is supported by ground screws, which does not damage the vegetation on the surface. It can also be placed smoothly on sloped mountains. “The screws can withstand 9 tons each. The four screw-mounted containers are resistant to typhoons or hurricanes of level 12!

modular house

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