High Quality Container Living House

High quality container living house is popular house used for family,which can give you a comfortable feeling whenever you go to this house.
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The difference of the shipping container living house with standard living house.

1. Decoration: the floor of the modular family building is made of porcelain, wall, ceiling, water and electricity, door and window exhaust fan and other one-time decoration, permanent use, energy saving and beautiful; and permanent house wall, ceiling, water pipe, circuit, Action methods such as doors and windows require on-site installations, with long construction periods, high losses, and not beautiful.

2. In terms of layout: the high quality room is in the overall layout, the welding is fixed, the safety is more strengthened, the wind is more resistant, and the earthquake is more earthquake-resistant. If it encounters a hurricane, an earthquake, a land subsidence, etc., it will not fall apart and collapse;

3. Installation: The detachable house can be hoisted in a full container, no need to do concrete foundation, 15 minutes installation, 1 hour check-in, can be used after connecting the power supply; and the permanent house needs to be built as a concrete foundation, build the main body, install the wall, and hang the ceiling , installation of water and electricity, etc., long time required.

High Quality Container Living House

High Quality Container Living House

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