Prefabricated Temporary Isolation Ward

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The existing fixed isolation ward buildings cannot be flexibly assembled and cannot be quickly constructed in emergency situations.

Our technical solution of the utility model is a prefabricated temporary isolation ward, which is composed of a maintenance structure and ventilation equipment. The maintenance structure consists of a prefabricated beam, a corner pillar, a ceiling plate, a floor plate, and a wall plate. The rubber strip is sealed, and the wall plate is a color steel plate with sandwich insulation material. The maintenance structure is divided into a patient room, a buffer room and a toilet by a wall plate. There is an ordinary casement door between the patient room and the buffer room. Ordinary swing doors are set to the outside,

The prefabricated temporary isolation ward has the advantages that the assembled structure can realize the emergency and rapid construction of the isolation ward, the application of dynamic isolation technology, the use of ordinary swing doors, the negative pressure value is less than 5Pa, and the airflow is allowed to pass without the need for expensive sealed doors and high negative pressure. It is pressure-isolated to the outside and uses a leak-free high-efficiency filter to ensure that the return air is clean. No new air-conditioning air supply system is needed. It is easy to install, easy to disassemble, saves energy, and is inexpensive.

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