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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak all over the world, we start to realize the fever department shouldn’t settle inside the whole hospital building, should make this department separately. So now, the demand for fever clinics is increasing too much.

This container clinic consists of 3 standard containers.  It is small but including all the necessary parts, such as the doctor’s room, nurse room, pharmacy, reception room, toilets, etc.

There are many distinguished characters that they choose our container house:

1.       Fast assemble: It is very suitable to use in emergency issues, 2 experienced engineers could install three containers in one day. It means 54square meters of room space.

2.       Can be removed easily:  If you want to move it to another place, if the distance is short, you can use a lift car to move the whole project totally, or if the distance is long, just disassemble it, send all the parts to next site.

3.       Recycle to use. Usually, we can’t sure this building will be used for how many years, we don’t know what gonna happened tomorrow. If using a permanent building, it will be waste too much if we abandon it in a few years.

4.       Low foundation request:  No need to dig a deep cave to make the foundation, what you need to do is just find a flat area and find a fixed fulcrum for each corner of the container house, or make a concrete floor.




Detail Specifications

Modular Office Site Container
Installation Manual

Modular Office Site Container

Project Cases

Modular Office Site Container

Modular Office Site Container

Modular Office Site Container

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