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Modular Medical Clinic requirements now are bigger and bigger. Because of the following reasons: Custom, Strength and durability, Modular...
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Modular Medical Clinic requirements now are bigger and bigger. Because of the following reasons:


Because of its shape and material, transport containers can be easily modified to suit any purpose.

Strength and durability

Transport containers are designed to be stacked in tall columns to carry heavy loads. They can also withstand harsh conditions, such as spraying road salt on ocean-going ships or during road transport. Due to its high strength, the container is usually the last one in extreme weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis.


All containers are of the same width, and most have two standard height and length measurements, so they provide modular elements that can be combined into larger structures. This simplifies design, planning, and transportation. Since they have been designed to be interlocked for easy movement during transportation, structural construction can be completed simply by placing them. Because of the modular design of the container, the additional structure is as simple as stacking more containers. When idle, they can stack up to 12 units.


Welding and cutting steel is considered a specialized labor force and can increase construction costs, but overall it is still lower than traditional construction. Unlike a wooden frame, attachments must be welded or drilled into the outer skin, which is more time-consuming and requires different construction site equipment.

Modular Health Clinic 5

Modular Health Clinic 3

Modular Health Clinic 4

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

Standard Container Show


container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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