Mobile Hospital Container Isolation Ward

Prefabricated container hospital could be put into the market quickly, providing a strong landing solution for the health and safety of community space and public places and medical rescue, and jointly contributing to the fight against the epidemic. The advantages of fast, safe and accurate...
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Mobile Hospital Container Isolation Ward

The mobile container hospital has the advantages of solid and durable, fast-moving and recyclable.

Its service life is more than 15 years.

There is no doubt that these container wards could relieve the tension of hospital beds.

Each container ward could be equipped with equipment according to the standard of the internal medicine ward,

with a separate isolation toilet. Mainly responsible for the admission and treatment of patients with mild illness

or those who need isolation.

Mobile Hospital Container Isolation Ward


Mobile Hospital Container Isolation Ward

There are not only well-equipped wards, toilets, and equipment rooms

Also equipped with ultrasound, ECG, monitor, and other routine inspection facilities

It can be said that it is a mobile and miniature hospital.


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