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In severely infected areas, the mobile cabin hospital is essential to protect the lives of medical staff and prevent cross-infection. Based on the mature experience of prefabricated buildings, the technical upgrade of the negative pressure isolation ward produced this time has ensured that all the main parts of the building are produced in the factory, the parts are assembled into a module combination, and then the international standard 40-foot shipping container is used for transportation. After the mobile cabin hospital is packed and transported to the project site, it can be installed and commissioned soon and put into use. The isolation ward uses a fresh air system, which is set up in clean, semi-polluted, and polluted areas. At the same time, an exhaust system is set up correspondingly. The exhaust air outlet is equipped with a high-efficiency filter and an ionization anti-virus device with an air dust filtration efficiency of 99.999%. The polluted air sterilization port can be re-discharged to prevent the spread of germs. The airflow organization thus forms an orderly gradient from the clean area to the semi-polluted area to the polluted area. The new wind DC air-conditioning system is used to prevent the polluted air from returning to the waiting area for patients and medical staff to reduce secondary infections and improve health protection for uninfected persons.

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