Flat Pact Container Hospital

This type of hospital is completely mobile and can be opened as long as there is a highway. The process of opening is extremely simple: heavy trucks take boxes from container stacking sites, transport medical disaster relief containers along the highway to the designated location, and then hoist the crane to the designated location, and even the hoisting location can be drawn with white lines, crane drivers Follow the picture. Connect the electricity and connect the water and the water. The hospital is ready for use.
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Are you still looking for a transitional flat pack container hospital? Are you still worried about the inability to provide comfortable accommodation to your patients? Our K-Home container mobile hospital will be your best choice。

flat pack contain er hospital





1. Our K-Home flat pack container hospital is an environmentally friendly building. No construction waste will be generated during the installation process, which fully meets the hospital's safety standards and provides a comfortable treatment environment for patients.

2. Our K-Home flat pack container hospital is a quick installation house. 4-5 skilled installers can install 3 houses in a day, including the electrical equipment, floor structure, and top structure.

3. Our K-Home container hospital is a combination of a steel frame and a sandwich panel of galvanized double-sided steel plates, which has strong corrosion resistance and meets international health and safety standards.

4. Our K-Home container hospital is mobile, removable and reusable, which can provide timely assistance for sudden epidemic needs.



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