Emergency Medical Container Clinic

During natural disasters, people need doctors to treat them. When soldiers fight, they need doctors to treat them. But if there is no clinic in the local area, you can use a Mobile Clinic Container to build a temporary clinic. You can use containers to build temporary clinics during disaster relief in disaster areas, and you can also use it to build temporary hospitals when troops fight.
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Container clinics use small measures to deal with major disasters. In the process of rebuilding Haiti damaged by a severe earthquake, a clinic built with containers will be transported to Haiti, which can be installed quickly and can receive patients immediately. This "container clinic" consists of two modular container rooms. One will serve as an examination room; the other will serve as a laboratory and pharmacy. The two 20-foot containers are pre-installed with medical facilities.

Container clinics have become increasingly popular, producing over 50,000 "container clinics" for rural areas in India, Central America, and Southeast Asia within 15 years. This is a good idea about public welfare and waste recycling. Modular container rooms can be used not only for clinics but will also be transformed into construction sites, kiosks, clinics, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, hotels, washrooms, mobile exhibition vehicles, and even houses in the future. Its characteristics are also obvious: low price, good stability, low construction risk, flexible and convenient installation, and movement.

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installtion process

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