Emergency Hospital Container

Emergency Hospital Container

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As the outbreak of Caronaviurs in Wuhan city, the roaming number of effected people leads to heavy pressure for the hospital, we need to take an instant and quickly measure to solve the urgent needs of the hospital.

In this situation, the prefabricated container unit has shown its great advantages. Modular produced, fast assembly, durable, very low foundation request and convenient transport.
Container Hospital Can Help You Fight The Virus                    

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Inside Show                    

K-Home containers can be used as individual units or joined together to form buildings that can be used as nurses' stations, wards, toilets, canteen, storerooms, surgery rooms, etc.

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Professional Design                    

Our containers come in standard dimensions as well as customized ones.

The standard container house is 6M Length, 3M Width, 2.8M High.

The advantages you will enjoy with our containers are:

Economic price

Quick assembly

Excellent insulation for both heat and sound

Ability to expand by joining many units together

wide range of additional options and accessories

Please contact us for other customized requirements. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

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