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K-home assisted the medical cause and successfully built the Xiaotangshan Container Hospital in Xinxiang, China. This is similar to the construction of Wuhan Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital and Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital, which has been completed in a few days.
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In the critical period of the epidemic, we have a strong joint effort. In order to prevent novel coronavirus infection and reduce the risk of hospital visits, the container isolation wards and temporary emergency rooms play a major role, including temporary emergency rooms, isolation wards and corridor beds, and centralized shower rooms, storage rooms and dressing rooms, which can be used for the reception, isolation, and observation of suspected cases of new coronavirus. It only takes a few days from the arrival of materials to the completion of installation in the isolation ward.

The Khome hospital adopts the container house as a high-tech product, which has a long-term involvement in sustainable development, which meets the environmental requirements of the current development form at home and abroad. The specific performance is that the service life of the modular housing products is long, more than 20 years, which can meet multiple recycling use.

Container Hospital Can Help You Fight The Virus

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