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In the traditional construction method, the foundation to the form must be piled up one brick and one tile on the construction site, and the container construction introduces container elements into the prefabricated building system. It retains the concept of the shape of the container and integrates the functions of overall movement and hoisting. In one body, the mass production of single-person modules is completed in the factory. Only assembly and splicing are required at the construction site, which shortens the construction time of the house by more than 60%, and it replaces manual production with mechanized production, which can reduce labor costs at least 70%, and ensure good site management, material storage, and construction safety. At the same time, the development of circular economy is incorporated into its own strategic business. Existing containers are used as the basic module to modify the house. The existing resources are fully utilized and utilized. The container steel column and the sidewall itself are the characteristics of the stressed steel structure of the building. The free combination of the modular units of the container forms the basic structure of the building. During the construction process, the use of steel and concrete is greatly saved, and the energy-saving and environmental protection goals are achieved.
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Container Cabin For Sale

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Container Cabin For Sale

Container cabin is a movable and reusable building product. This product uses the currently popular international design concept and manufacturing technology of container houses, adopts modular design and factory production and uses the container as the basic unit. It can be used alone, or it can be formed by different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions Can be used up to three levels vertically.

The unit structure of the container is a standard component welded by special profile steel. The container cabins are connected by bolts. The structure is simple and the installation is convenient and quick. Its high thermal insulation performance creates a good office and living environment for field workers.

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