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There are already many places in the world that have begun to use containers as building materials. The current application of container construction is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Temporary resettlement house for occupant container application.

  That is, in many post-disaster reconstruction work, the container building is used as a temporary resettlement house. On the one hand, the container can be used as a delivery medium for disaster relief materials, and the other party can be used directly as a temporary resettlement place after the goods are unloaded, which plays a role in material transportation. And the role of temporary residence. For example, after the Wenchuan earthquake, China conveniently used a container building as a temporary school building. This type of construction has good fire, wind, and earthquake safety characteristics, and its walls have been improved. It has good thermal insulation and cold protection performance, and is safe. Comfortable; in addition, fireproof and heat insulation materials are added around it, and the box body is connected with the floor as a whole, and the stability is stronger. In the event of a natural disaster, due to the lightweight materials and stable structure, container construction can largely avoid damage to internal users. The service life of container construction is generally between 15 and 20 years, and because it can be recycled, it will not cause environmental pollution.

Student apartments for residential container applications

The school’s student apartment is one of the important buildings in the school building. Every year, the school cannot accurately calculate the number of students enrolled, so the number of school buildings cannot be determined. It is extremely inconvenient to increase or decrease the brick-concrete school buildings. The increase will occupy a lot of land. If it is idle, it is a waste of resources. Then, the use of container buildings as student apartments can effectively solve this problem. From the above, there is no difference in the same class building of the container student apartment. It is also higher in function and comfort, and has lower cost and strong usability. At present, many regions in the world, especially in African countries, have begun to try container buildings as student apartments.

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