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The workforce camps is the most common solution utilized as either living accommodation or office working place to be rapidly deployed throughout the world.

If you are looking forward a clean quarters, could be quick setup, customization, and flexibility at an affordable rate. Whether your workforce camp requires housing for twenty or thousand, our professional team could customized a solution specifically for you.

The layout of container house is flexible, all the parts no matter the light steel or the sandwich panel are pre modular produced in our factory, then shipped to your site, make assemble under the guidance of our manual or video, all the parts could be customized.

And the partition wall is very easy to assemble and disassemble, if you want seperate,private , indepent room inside the building, you can easily realized.

Our container house is totally like a ‘lego’ for big boy, you will enjoy the assembling time.

The container house has great water proof function also, if the water leak into the room , of drainge into the sandwall, it will weaken the house, and reduce the year of life span. So we update the drainage system, first of all , we make the water sink deeper on the roof, and make the middle of the house is the highest point,so when it rains the roof will be like slightly slop, the water could easiy follow into the water sind on the side, then we put down pipe on each corner of the house. The water will slide down the sewer pipe.

This is the best choice to make your workforce camp with the lowest way to have the most comfortable and fast dwelling.

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