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This is the worker camp in Singapore, it covers an area of 1080 square meters total 2 floors, both floor have worker camp, toilet room and shower room.

Each dormitory consisted of 3 units of standard container house,  the size is 9meter long and 6 meter wide, it will put 7 single beds inside, or it could put more beds in if necessary. The toilet room with washbasin and shower room are at the ends of the floor. Each floor has a toilet room, so it very convenient for a worker to have a shower.

Container house is very suitable for the emergency project because it uses light steel as frame and enclosed with the sandwich panel,all parts are modular produces, it's not only very fast to make production but also very fast to make assemble.

Modular construction gets your project up and running much faster since construction and site preparation take place at the same time, which advances your project timeline by 30 – 50 percent on custom-designed buildings.
In addition, much of the modular building construction is completed inside a factory, which mitigates the risk of weather delays in your project timeline. This time saving you money.

Fast assemble is involved based on the shipping container, all the parts are connected by bolts and nuts, after completed it like a completed unit, so it could show a great water proof and stability character.

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Prefab-Modular-Container-Construction-Site-Workers-Dormitory-Sandwich-Panel-House-in-Singapore.webp (2)

Prefab-Modular-Container-Construction-Site-Workers-Dormitory-Sandwich-Panel-House-in-Singapore.webp (3)

prefabricated house from China (3)

Camp Container

prefabricated house from China (4)

prefabricated house from China (5)

prefabricated house from China (6)

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