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The biggest advantage of the container house is that it is installed and placed flexibly, convenient, fast and low in cost, that is to say, it is safe and environmental protection to deliver on-demand. For example, when the number of large-scale personnel in the early stage of a construction site reaches 200, half a year later, the number of people in the final stage of the project is only 120. In this way, the temporary buildings in the early stage will be vacant and waste a lot of space and money. If containers are used In other words, buy when you use it. The size of the house can be increased at any time, increasing your capital turnover

The container house could include each temporary mobile camp includes all required personnel health and welfare arrangements, project offices, living accommodation, training rooms, construction, and material storage facilities, canteen, meeting room, shower room, etc.

We K-Home is the commercial design, manufacture, transportation, construction and financing partner you need to make every project a success. K-Home specializes in supplying temporary container building solution, for example, remote workforce housing and commercial modular buildings to a wide range of industries and applications all over the world.

We are a full-service provider of temporary housing with a focus on quality, value, delivery, and service. We understand the large scale housing needs of site project companies and other remote labor industries, and we take great pride in meeting those needs with our experienced team comprised of engineering, manufacturing, facility management, and sales professionals. We are here to deliver your workers a home away from home.


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