Temporary Accommodation For Construction Workers

The advantages of temporary accommodation for construction workers
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The advantages of temporary accommodation for construction workers


The temporary accommodation for construction workers is of the overall layout, welded and fixed, which is more consolidated, more wind-resistant and earthquake-resistant, and will not fall apart or collapse in the event of hurricanes, sinkholes and other disasters.

Adornment respect: 

The floor of the container room that live a person chooses porcelain to lay, wall body, smallpox, water and electricity, door window is ventilated fan wait for one-time adornment, use, energy-saving environmental protection is beautiful.


living in the container room to describe the introduction of modern household elements, to a single box as a unit, arbitrary combination of stacking, sealing, sound insulation, fire, moistureproof, heat insulation and other aspects of the function to be very good.



The description of living container room is more humanized, living and working are more comfortable, and the number of rooms can be added or reduced at any time.

Move aspects: 

living container room move without discrete, the items in the room can be moved with the box, no loss, can be lifted, move more than 1000 times, and then save money.

Easy to transportation:

The use of containers to transport goods can not only improve the quality of transportation, but also provide security during transportation, because after the goods are packed in the box, there is no need to change the packaging again during the transportation process, and no need to open the box midway, so The number of times of loading and unloading of goods is reduced, so as to ensure that the goods are not damaged or missing due to midway loading and unloading, so as to reduce the damage of goods.

The inhabitant container is of integral welded structure, which can be moved as a whole without disassembly, and the contents need not be cleaned up specially. It is very convenient to move the container. This feature has led to the adoption of residential container products in some sites with a short construction period, which saves money and worries, and does not have to worry about the installation and disassembly of all kinds of troublesome problems.


The temporary accommodation container room can be lifted in full container load without making concrete foundation. It can be installed in 15 minutes and checked in in 1 hour. It can be used by connecting the power supply.

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