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Due to the characteristics of the construction site, the decision to build a house in a remote area will be greatly restricted, such as the ease of construction, whether the materials are easy to install, whether it is time-consuming, whether it can be delivered as soon as possible, etc., these will affect the entire the construction process of the construction site will also affect the comfort level of workers' accommodation and office.

Our mining cabin container house has been far ahead of the permanent building when the foundation was first made. We don't need concrete pouring, and the permanent building needs a lot of cement and stone. We just need to simply do the pillar under the beam or corner joint.

In the house, our container mining cabin adopts: the accessories are all manufactured in the factory and assembled directly on site. No construction waste will be generated on the construction mining site, nor will it damage the environment of the site.

This method greatly improves the transportation capacity and reduces the need for workers on the construction site. And easy to disassemble and assemble, especially suitable for units that frequently change office locations.

 After installation, our prefabricated mining container house has good sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, anti-theft, and other requirements. Our products have passed the CE, ISO certificates, and after more than ten years of experience accumulation, we ensure that our current products have very strong walls, floors, and perfect processing of waterproof systems. The service life can reach more than 15 years, and the scope of use is very wide. It is not only limited to dormitories, offices, restaurants, schools, etc., except for special requirements, such as CT rooms and cold rooms. Our houses can meet your needs for space and size requirements.

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