Prefabricated Mobile Home

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Prefabricated mobile home has many distinguished characters, suchh as: Modular production, removable, detachable, short installation cycle, beautiful appearance, comfortable internal conditions, flexible layout, personalized service, meet customer's individual needs, long service life, up to 15 years under normal environment. The independent house-type container monomers can be combined in the vertical and horizontal directions as required, and can also be combined with a stack up to 3 floors, thereby further expanding the use space and function.

Packing container size:

Single standard container room (L*W*H) 6000 * 3000 * 2800mm, or customized

Connection method: Can be connected from one side infinite horizontally.

Packing container application field:

1. High demand for temporary products on construction sites, such as construction, subway, highway, and railway, such as project management department, conference room, etc.

2. Development company sales exhibition hall, product sales exhibition hall, temporary reception center, commercial temporary office, hotel, shop, etc.

3. The construction site is limited by the site, and only box-type combination room products can be installed;

4. Emergency room; for example: military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc.

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