Prefabricated Container Accommodation

Container house can be used not only as small houses, toilets, kitchens, laundry rooms, small conference rooms, office spaces, small supermarkets, etc. but also can be used as a large conference room, villa house, hospital, hotel, office by combination design and assembly. Building and so on.
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Product Introduction:

1: Color can be customized, length 6m*width3m*height2.8m, wall panel is polyurethane/rock wool composite board.

2: Features: Intensified thermal insulation design, limit the cold bridge, achieve super heat insulation effect, use high-quality raw materials to improve livability.

3: Standard configuration: one door, two windows, ordinary LED light, A-SW double sockets 2set, A-SW air-switch 2 set, Electrical box with safety protection device connecting cable for connecting, protection switch, electric wire, sealant, wiring tube, screws, and other accessories.

4: Optional sheet: 50mm/75mm/100mm rock wool and polyurethane composite board

5: Convenient transportation, can be assembled after overall transportation, can also be packaged and transported, flexible transportation mode, suitable for road and sea transportation.

6: Multi-box combination, can stack three layers in the vertical direction, also can be combined in 360 degrees to form a large space and can realize internal corridor and other functions.

Prefabricated Container Accommodation

Prefabricated Container Accommodation

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Prefabricated Container Accommodation

About Us

We are located in Xinxiang City, which is the container House Original City. It has more than 100 factories that have the same kind of products and full of the supply chain for the container house. We can say our products in Xinxiang city have covered 90% market in North and West of China since our competitive price and high guaranteed quality and service. More than 20 years’ experience and always catch the trend of the market. Always we are the first one who introduced the most advanced new production line. How can other places do the same as us?

Prefabricated Container Accommodation

After-sale service:

⑴. Any questions, welcome to contact us 24 hours available for you.

⑵. One order, one special person to follow the whole production.

⑶. For the house install, we will give you the 3D install drawing. If you need it, we also can send you an engineer to teach your workers, but you have to charge the double ticket, accommodation, food, and salary.

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