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Flat pack container camp (two windows, one door, air switch, lamp, socket, etc.), this type is widely used in construction sites, warehouses, military and foreign-funded enterprises, etc., can be used for living, office, storage, public toilet, shower room etc.
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We carry out comprehensive international project management over the following phases:

1.       Studying the client's needs and demands.

2.       Project design, engineering, and costing.

3.       Manufacturing.

4.       Logistics and international shipping in containers.

5.       Installation and assembly at the final destination, anywhere in the world.

6.       Interior finishing of the modules (furniture, beds, appliances, etc.).

This project is a container family house project, it consisted of three standard containers, the size is 9meters long, 5.95meters wide, the height is 2.8meters. This is a two bedroom building, with one kitchen, one toilet, one living room and one dining room.

The living room also named guests room, we put it near the entrance door, so when guest enter into the room, there is a big living room. the toilets is on the left of the house, so every member could go their very convenience.

This is a very durable building, we have strength the floor purlin and strength the wall panel.

Now our container house have 14 purlins instead of 9 pieces in the market usually. And the wall panel upgraded to PU sealed rock wool panel, because in my guests city, the raining season lasts for about 4 months.

The furnitures are optional, we have close supplier provide furnitures for us, or u could decorate your home in your own way.


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