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Container houses are mainly made of steel and colored steel sandwich panels. Our steel frame includes four columns, upper and lower beams, purlins, roofing system, floor system, doors, windows, lighting and other facilities in place.

The container house produced in this way has a strong structure, can withstand greater pressures and impacts, has good resistance to typhoons and earthquakes, and can better protect people's safety. In addition, the container house is easy to move and can move very well as a whole, without harming the container house itself, and can be used for a longer time.

After continuous innovation and development, the container is constantly changing. Whether it is its internal structure or its use advantages, these are being affirmed step by step, accepted, loved, and assembled. This Even the value brought by the container, the future market value is also immeasurable.

The steel structure system makes the container have good wind resistance, and it can also be intact in the event of an earthquake disaster that is 8 degrees stronger than the seismic fortification intensity.

In this era, environmental protection is the theme all over the world. Environmental protection is advocated no matter what. It is not recommended to use convenient chopsticks when eating. To promote the reuse of paper when working, this is all environmental protection. When building a house, reduce the generation of construction waste. The biggest benefit of our house is environmental protection. Very little container construction waste is generated.

The price of the container itself is not high, so there is no need to do luxury in the interior decoration, and the customer can do it according to the actual needs.

According to the current container dismantling requirements, the container needs to be carefully protected during disassembly to avoid unnecessary damage to the accessories.


prefabricated house from China (2)

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prefabrcated house from China

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