Movable Prefab Dormitory House

These worker dormitories provide accommodation for employees to work in remote areas. They can be used as military barracks, modular camps, retreat centers, camp staff houses, and anywhere else you need a flexible, functional home environment.
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Product Details

K-Home Container dormitory is a new type of house with new concept. It is the main idea of environmental protection and economy. K-Home uses advanced manufacturing technology and strict selection criteria to provide customers with the best quality prefab container homes, and get customer needs in the first place.

Container systems have an important position within construction industry. With vast areas of application as well as flexibility in terms of execution and choices of materials, type of insulation, doors and windows, façade finishing etc. Containers are customized with respect to its intended purpose, and apart from standard models and dimensions which are produced serially, we can also offer custom made options in accordance with your specific requirement.

Product description for affordable modern prefab homes.

1) prefabricated steel house, easy to move and low cost

2) various fire doors, ventilation ducts, translucent plates, windows and louvers can be easily installed on site

3) all steel structural parts of prefabricated houses can be manufactured according to the requirements of customers: ceiling and wall panels of various colors and patterns can greatly improve the appearance of buildings to meet the requirements of customers

4) steel prefabricated houses are cheap, solid in structure, easy to move, easy to dismantle, and environmentally friendly,

5) all kinds of high and low structures can be designed on steel structure buildings, and any wall can be used to build auxiliary buildings

6) various steel structure buildings can be lifted and guided

7) the alternating profile frame designed and welded by computer can make the best use of materials

8) the company plans to install various double-layer floors in traditional or composite buildings

9) the material of steel prefabricated house is light and easy to install. A 50 square meter house, five workers need 1-3 days to complete the installation, saving manpower and time.

10). All materials of prefabricated steel houses can be recycled. And meet the world's environmental requirements. Especially in large-scale residential projects in developed areas.


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