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Compare with other suppliers, Khome mobile container home has obvious advantages on the steel structure and waterproof treatment. For steel structure, we add more floor purlins and make the layout denser, so the floorboard will have more support points underneath. You don't need to worry about the floor even when the house is crowded. For waterproof treatment, we designed not only water channels on the wall panels but also four downpipes in the corner posts. When it rains, the rainwater will be collected and go down through the downpipes, protecting the wall panel and the structure from corrosion.

We can assure you the most satisfying service from design to installation. When delivering the cargo, we will equip a whole set installation tool and various accessories that you will use in the construction site. For installation, we can send our engineer to your place to guide your workers. He can not only teach the installation method but also the maintenance method based on your local condition.

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