Mine Camp

1. Security. Users are very concerned about the security of the dormitory container solution. As a container dormitory room of the building, it has high security because it is a steel-frame structure, which can effectively resist strong winds. Even in an earthquake, it will not collapse.
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Mine Camp

Container mobile home description:

Container movable house (two windows, one door, Electric box, lamp, socket, etc.), this container house is widely used in construction sites, warehouses, military and foreign-funded enterprise dormitory, the main frame of the product is made of special steel plate pressed, The side panel has special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold and fire prevention. The weight of the product is about 2 tons, which is convenient for lifting (overall).

Container mobile house features:

1. Removable and reusable;

2. The layout of doors and windows is flexible and the appearance is beautiful;

3. Flexible, durable, economical, etc.;

4. Fast installation speed, green environmental protection, no construction waste;

5.Insulation, windproof, shockproof, moistureproof, waterproof, anti-leakage, environmental protection, safety, fast and convenient movement, flexible combination;

6 Environmental protection and saving: no construction waste can be recycled

7 Complete functions: bedroom, office, meeting room, public toilet, bathroom, shower room, laundry room, glass curtain wall corridor, etc. can be customized as required.

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