Mine Camp Container House

1. Security. Users are very concerned about the security of the dormitory container solution. As a container dormitory room of the building, it has high security because it is a steel-frame structure, which can effectively resist strong winds. Even in an earthquake, it will not collapse.
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Mine Camp Container House

1. First of all, the container house is a trendy and fashionable building system, which is not only green and solid, but also saves time and effort, is flexible and can be moved to the place you need at any time.

2. The container house is composed of a top cover, a base, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels. Using a transparent design concept and production technology, a box is converted into a standard part, and then assembled or hoisted on site at the receiving site just place it.

3. container house is a kind of movable board house, which is widely used on construction sites for daily use and rest of workers.

The mine camp container house takes the container house as the basic unit. The box structure uses special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure materials are all non-combustible materials. Plumbing and electrical, decoration and functional matching are all feasible in the factory. No secondary is required. Construction, on-site assembly or overall hoisting can be accommodated.

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