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Conex Living Quarters can be said that the construction site container house is a brand-new building type, with various internal divisions, strong versatility, various shapes and complete styles, and can be composed according to a variety of patchwork methods, In the whole process of transportation, it is transported separately, re-assembled or lifted when installed, and connected into a whole, which takes up little space for environmental protection.
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In recent years, in many construction sites and other fields, more and more container housing have been used for temporary residences and offices. Especially in the African market, there is the increasing demand for military container housing.

Military Container Housing needs to move, it is the headquarter of the military, provide the basic living environment for people. Compare with the traditional building, container house can save cost, also can meet the urgent need. In addition that, because of the following reasons, more and more people will choose a container house as military container housing.

Then why is military container housing so popular?

1. Simple installation and convenient construction

Container housing do not require cement, bricks, etc. like traditional houses. They are directly produced and assembled in factories using new building materials. The materials are light and strong, simple and convenient to install, and construction time is shortened.

2. Rugged and durable, good sealing performance

Rugged and durable, the structure is composed of steel, which has strong shock resistance and deformation resistance; good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process makes this kind of house have good waterproof performance.

3. Recycling, cost

Nowadays, many manufacturers adopt the method of leasing. The military container housing  returned by leasing can immediately be used in place of the next round of use, avoiding the situation of idle resources, because of the lower cost.

4. One room with multiple uses, high cost performance

The container housing is used in various construction sites. It can not only be used for housing for workers, but also can be used as a container office. Whether it’s a scorching summer or a cold winter, having such a convenient and comfortable space is more conducive to on-site office research, leadership inspections, and reception.

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Military Container Housing

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