Low Cost Prefabricated Houses

Low Cost Prefabricated Houses

Application: Mining Camp;Hotel;Office;Apartment;School etc Easy Built: Just Need 4 Hours to Assemble on Unit Cost Effective Transportation: 10 Units in One Bundle as 40GP Container
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Product Details

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  • 6 Standard Containers Units Staff Accommodation Container with bath and Toilet.

  • Reasonable design save cost.

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  • Double Bedroom with Bath Shower and Toilet.

Brief Introduction of Low Cost Prefabricated Houses:

Our company"Henan K-Home Steel Stucture Co.,Ltd" specialize in manufacturing various prefab houses and container houses with good quality and competitive price . Having been in this line for 7 years, more than 50 R&D staff and more than 200 workers support us to get the big market share and we will continue to endeavor to supply more creative housing solutions.


ISO9001, ISO14001, CSA(Canadian Standards Association), CE(European Conformity), SGS

The advantages of flat pack container house:

Container houses have always been known for their low prices. This is also one of its famous features. What is his value? In my opinion, the price-to-price ratio of container houses and container houses is still high. Let me talk about it first. His current range of applications, container houses are generally used as temporary buildings on site, container house sales, or commercial buildings, such as cafes, hotels, etc. In foreign countries, there are also large-scale use of container communities. No matter what kind of use, it is closely related to people. In the current construction industry environment, traditional houses have been developed to the extreme, and the shortcomings are becoming more and more obvious. In order to solve these problems, such as environmental pollution and waste of resources, container houses are made of steel, so there is no waste and excessive waste. . It can be installed and used repeatedly. I have to say that at such a price, the cost of the container house is very high. It is this that makes the house not really enter our lives, but I believe that with the future development, the container will eventually break through this obstacle and become the mainstream residence.


Container Dormitory

Detail Spare Parts Show:


Roof Ceiling




Window for Bedroom


Window for Bathroom

How can I choose a good container house?:

Consider the quality of the house

Container houses are places that people use to experience a good life and live as short-term dorms. Therefore, the structural stability and safety and fire prevention capabilities of the house are all important objects that users need to examine. Only the ability to withstand wind and cold is strong, and the fire and heat preservation effect is strong. A good and comfortable container house is a container house worthy of user choice.

Pay attention to the price of the house

Price is also a big criterion when people choose container houses. Therefore, when selecting, users should go through multiple comparisons and visit the market in time to ensure that the prices of selected products are reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. And let customers get a better housing experience at a low cost, so as to choose a container house with good quality and low price.

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