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Advantages of low cost container house:

1. Can be moved easily

When you need to change the place, you can find a moving company (or a big truck, a big trailer) to move the container directly to the designated place to live, eliminating the trouble of finding a house, buying a house, and decorating.

2. Can be assembled easily

Container house can choose one room and one hall, two rooms and one hall, three rooms and one hall, three rooms and two halls, etc. according to their own needs. Only need to buy enough containers for assembly. Many houses on site are temporarily housed by workers. Container houses can be selected according to the number of workers on each site.

3. The price is cheap

After the container is generally renovated, the interior area is about 18 square meters, each container is 2100 US dollars, and nearly 120 US dollars per square meter. In comparison with the current housing prices in many places, it is very cheap.

4. High comfort

Our current container house is almost beautiful in appearance, and also fully takes into account the lighting problem in the house, the windows are large enough, and ventilation is guaranteed. Sandwich panel as the wall panel , we use minimum 50mm thickness.

prefab container

Container House (2)

Container House (3)

Container House (4)

Container Large Scale Projects

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