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We are leading container van house manufacture, all the parts of the container house are pre modular produced in our factory, not only standard container house, we also made customization of the container vans. It could be used for office functions such as Barracks, Ablution type, Canteen and even personal functions such as Mobile Houses & Restaurants!

The characters of the container van house:


The Container Vans are made of Steel to ensure the quality once the client will use it for a long-term basis.


In our time, the demand for Container Vans is higher than before. We don’t stucked in the basic design of these containers. From time to time, we innovate these by converting it into different functions such as Mobile Office, Mobile Home, Mobile Restaurant, or any customization based on the client’s preference.

Tested through the Years

Container Vans that we have can last from 15 to 20 years base on the client’s use of the unit. Also, the Container Van itself was tested on some natural disasters such as typhoons and other phenomena.

The advantage of the container van house

1. Perfect for modular/prefab site offices, cabins, warehouse, villa, toilet, shop, hotel, camp, office.

2. Efficient, low-cost designs that can be customized for end-user requirements.

3. It only needs 2-3 people to complete the assembly.

4. The whole process does not need lifting equipment

5. The steel structure frame can be completely detachable, and assembly by bolts & nuts.

6. Many modular units can be stacked and linked together to create more space.


portable cabin

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