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With the tourism industry going through a boom, many islands are looking for prefab Caribbean construction to build new facilities. Travel arrivals increased by 7% last year, beating the global average by almost double. This trend is making the Caribbean one of the busiest construction markets in the world.

The tourism industry is fickle: developers need to build fast to profit from the increased demand. However, not every market is equally ready to make the most of the opportunity.

But as local governments try to decrease unemployment through visa regulations and incentives to hire locals, you can expect higher costs as developers pay more to have qualified workers on-site.

High costs are problematic, and fast-growing economies tend to have the reverse.

Low building costs there had a lot to do with these initiatives, as real estate development on this scale requires affordable construction.

Prefab Mobile Container house in the Caribbean has projects ready in as little as a few months and uses much less labor than traditional buildings. Additionally, modular structures are more resistant to tropical storms and hurricanes than conventional structures.

For each corner of the container house, we have put a long anchor bolt, when make assemble, stick the house into the ground, we can put 1 meter long into the ground, when hurricane season, the house shows like a unit, it won't flow away.

Here is the design we have design for Caribbean area, as government request, we have one door for enter and must have one door for exsit.


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prefabrcated house from China

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