Container Worker Camp For Oil Field

Khome provides a portable office option for both interior and exterior structures. This portable office could be constructed on a fork-lifted steel made base.
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Container worker camp for oil field

Container houses could provide temporary housing solutions especially for bad environmental conditions, such as the oil and gas industry, mining industry, construction industry, as well as military.

Usually, the above industries require employees to work far away from the city. The houses they lived in and worked in remote places were also only in a short time.

So, the prefabricated container house would be the best functional, portable option.

Once your work is finished, you could transform the houses completely to another place.

After being transported, these worker camps could be implemented immediately.

The container worker camp could contain workers even with the limit area.  Such as one 20 ft container house could 10 people.

Khome also could provide a separated kitchen dining room, bathroom for private using.


Portable Container Classroom Building-4


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