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Flat pack container camp (two windows, one door, air switch, lamp, socket, etc.), this type is widely used in construction sites, warehouses, military and foreign-funded enterprises, etc., can be used for living, office, storage, public toilet, shower room etc.
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Quick-split container mobile homes are also called "quick-pile containers". The standard size is 3 meters x 6 meters. It evolved on the basis of export-type container houses. After optimized design of the materials of the box houses, it gradually became suitable for China. Construction site. It is a kind of fast-moving container mobile house used on many construction sites in China. His characteristics are convenient transportation and installation, beautiful appearance, atmosphere, can be made into three-story building, good seismic performance. Can be customized according to requirements


Flexible design: stackable, separable, removable, modular, and single-box use, can be combined into an open large space, low requirements for foundation, strong adaptability to environment, and high degree of integration.

Complete supporting facilities: It can be matched with different shapes of roofs, corridor canopies, stairs, in addition, there are special bathroom boxes and kitchen boxes to choose from, and the appearance and interior can be decorated according to needs.

Short installation cycle: The construction cycle can be shortened by 40% to 60% compared to traditional buildings. Fast installation, fast movement, convenient and fast. For example, the assembly of 300 suites can be completed in a few weeks.

Safe and long service life: the use of high-strength steel structure and advanced anti-rust technology can increase the service life of the house by more than 15 years, with an earthquake resistance of 8 degrees, wind resistance of 15 grade, and overall A-level fire protection.

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