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Comfortable living modular house is a kind of house assemble with steel structure and sandwich panle, a "lego" container house. At present, all large construction companies are using cube-style houses as most of their project site, such as , offices, dormitory, toilet room, canteen , storage room, etc. The fast assemble house is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels. It adopts modular design concepts and production technology to modularize a box room into standard parts and return to the site. It can be assembled or hoisted into place.

The comfortable living modular house has many advantages, high-end, high-grade, fast install, simple structure, and it has the advantages of better fireproof, better moisture-proof, better windproof, more heat-insulating, and more flame-retardant. The main structure adopts standard components customized by high-quality steel plates. All the frame are galvanized and has superior anti-corrosion and rust-proof performance. The comfortable living modulare house are connected by bolts and nuts, and screws. Each cube, we mean the container house room adopts a modular design and is factory-oriented. , Prefabricated production, with the standard container house as the basic unit, it can be used alone, or through different combinations no  matter horizontal or vertical to form a spacious use space, the vertical direction can stack up to three layers  maxmium, and hte horizontal direction is no limit.

The comfortable living modular house is simple in structure, and has low requirements on the foundation. It has the characteristics of fast on-site installation, convenient moving and relocation, high turnover times, and long service life. The product has no loss in disassembly and assembly, and no construction waste. 

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