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Conex Living Quarters can be said that the construction site container house is a brand-new building type, with various internal divisions, strong versatility, various shapes and complete styles, and can be composed according to a variety of patchwork methods, In the whole process of transportation, it is transported separately, re-assembled or lifted when installed, and connected into a whole, which takes up little space for environmental protection.
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In recent years, in many construction sites and other fields, more and more container houses have been used for temporary accommodation and offices. Why is container camp so popular?

Reuse is a key advantage of Accommodation Container Camp. Many building decoration materials can no longer be used after they are used again. Construction site containers are different. They can be installed and disassembled, with excellent performance indicators. Also, its seismic properties are very good, firm and stable, and many temporary houses do not meet the high standards.

The construction site container house structure is moisture-proof and wind-proof. The room is equipped with two sliding windows of 1m x 1.2m, which is convenient for transportation. After use, it can be moved to another address for reuse without causing urban garbage. It is also the great advantage of the container house on the construction site. It has been applied at many levels. The most used is the building construction house, which solves the requirements of many employees for concentrated accommodation, and in some mobile command systems, training needs in the suburbs, Solved the difficulty of building a command system.

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