2-Storey Worker Dormitory In Singapore

2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore need to be aesthetically pleasing. Since the awareness of the field of housing owned by humans, the decoration and beautification of the houses have not stopped.
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2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore features:

Industrialization of production: All the components needed for2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore are all produced by industrial assembly line modulation, the size is uniform and the standardized quality is easy to control, the production efficiency is high, and the scale production and cost are effectively controlled.

Convenient movement: The2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore has good overall performance, convenient movement, and can be well adapted to modern transportation methods such as roads, railways, and ships. The on-site assembly is quick and does not require secondary decoration.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly: The 2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore has a long service life, A-class fireproof and high residual value materials as the main component unit, using the "factory prefabrication + site installation" mode, the construction period is short, and other construction materials can be reduced during the construction Consumption, reducing the effect of generating construction waste.

Safe and durable: The structure of the 2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore is safe and durable, with more reliable performance of shock resistance, compression resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, windproof. According to different regions and different fields. Scope of application: can be designed into office, residence, catering, entertainment, conference and other types of rooms according to different needs.

Combination form: 2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore takes a one house as a unit, which can be horizontally connected or vertically combined freely, and can be combined arbitrarily. It can be stacked up to three more layers, and roof molding and terrace decoration can also be added.

Characteristics of 2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore: 1. Activity: removable and reusable. 2. Quick formation: short manufacturing period and no foundation. 3. Safety: steel frame structure, windproof and shockproof. 4. Rugged: The outer wall of the steel plate is corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, non-corrosive and crack-free, with a service life of more than 10 years. 5. Sound insulation and heat insulation: adopt air-break thermal design, sound insulation and good heat insulation. 6. Aesthetics: Various designs can be done, the outer wall has many colors, bright appearance and beautiful appearance.

2-Storey Worker Dormitory in Singapore

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

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Project Show

container camp

container house (3)container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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