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The Steel Worker Quarters is a facility that is relatively easy to build, fast, and not affected by the climate. Its characteristics are that the construction period is very short and the speed is very fast.
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Temporary Accommodation Containers has very good thermal insulation performance, because its design is safe and livable oriented. It contains thermal insulation layer and thermal insulation layer to avoid the phenomenon of hot bridge. The house is very warm in winter and very cool in summer, making it really warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, it is possible to do without stoves in winter and air conditioners in summer.

An improvement on the temporary accommodation containers, the roof, four walls and floor can be taken apart as parts and reassembled as needed. This kind of container mobile room is better than the mobile housing, the freight will be a little cheaper than the fixed type, the installation is faster than the mobile housing, but not as fast as the welding fixed type, the fastness is between the welding fixed type container mobile housing and the mobile housing. Residential mobile houses also have very good earthquake resistance, because he chose light steel keel as the load-bearing structure of the house, the steel structure of the house has a very good toughness and ductility, can withstand more than 8 earthquake, very safe, very practical. In addition, the construction speed of residential containers is also very fast. A building of 200 square meters can be completed in only a few weeks, because in addition to the foundation, the materials needed for the integrated house are transported to the site after the factory production and assembled like a car, which not only reduces the construction difficulty, but also makes the quality of the house easy to control.

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Malaysia Steel Worker Quarters (2)_副本

Malaysia Steel Worker Quarters (1)_副本

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