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K-Home ISO container rooms have the following characters:

Quick setup saves the time spent on installation

Container modular houses are usually composed of several main parts. Operators who know the rules can complete the assembly task in a short time without having to invest too much energy and time in this process. It should be understood that the users who install such houses are usually in urgent need and cannot wait too long, and this rapid construction method can greatly shorten the process.

Corrosion resistance creates a long service life

The raw materials and structure of the container modular house have been double-checked, which not only has strong corrosion resistance, but also extends the service life. After all, this type of house is always exposed to the air, withstands the test of bad weather and the surrounding environment, it is easy to rust and cause future troubles.

Temporary housing after the disaster

The purpose of the container house as a temporary housing after a disaster is mainly to be able to load disaster relief materials in a container for transportation, and to adjust the goods to temporary housing after unloading the goods, mainly for the temporary residence of the victims and the transportation of disaster relief materials.

Public temporary buildings

Container house rental is suitable for temporary public buildings. Because of relocation, all those that require partial transformation can be used, and they can be rebuilt in different places. The disassembly and installation are very convenient.

Commercial Store

The use of container houses in commerce is an emerging trend, especially in foreign countries where there are many large shopping areas built by container houses.

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ISO Container Room

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

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