Construction Site Shed

Construction site shed is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels.
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Construction site shed is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels.

With reference to design concepts and production technology, a container house parking lot is converted into a standard component, and then the site is used. Assembling this product takes the container house as the basic unit. The container house structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel members. The enclosure and thermal insulation materials are all non-combustible materials. The electrical, decorative and supporting functions must be completed in the factory without secondary construction. It can be inhabited by site assembly or overall hoisting. It can be used alone, or can be combined horizontally and in the correct direction to form a spacious use space and stack.

Construction site shed is simple in structure, safe, and has low requirements on the foundation. It has the characteristics of on-site installation of shortcut keys, convenient mobile relocation, high turnover times, long replacement, etc. The product has no loss in disassembly and assembly, no construction waste, and can be used as office and accommodation , dining room, bathroom, entertainment and combined large space can meet the needs of construction engineering camps, temporary municipal housing, field camps, emergency resettlement housing, schools, hospitals, tourist posts, and various commercial housing.

It has the characteristics of prominence, saving, energy saving and environmental protection, which is called a new type of "green building".

Construction Site Shed parameters

Floor: MGO board, waterproof, fire proof (optional fiber cement)

Floor finish: 1.8mm PVC floor (extra charge)

Roof: Frame structure: 2.3mm thick steel; Outer cover: 0.426mm steel plate; Insulation: glass wool; Ceiling: 0.25mm steel plate floor tile

Corner post: 4.5 Cold-rolled steel profiles, galvanized, welded (160mm * 160mm)

Wallboard: 50mm rock wool sandwich board

Windows: 925mm * 1200mm aluminum alloy Windows (3mm single glass)

Door: Steel door size 925mm * 2035mm

Power: lights, switches, sockets, distribution boxes, circuit breakers and wires

Paint: Automatic zinc plating and paint spraying molding

Size: 5950(L)*3000(W)*2800(H)

Bottom: Frame structure; 2.5 mm thick steel

Construction Site Shed

steel structure

Installation Process

installtion process

Standard Container Show


Project Show

container camp

container house (3)container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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